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How to Fix Screen Burn In On Phone Android & iPhone

Screen burn in is a condition in which the screen displays a ghost image or ghost image of a screen that was previously opened. Of course, this really annoys users, because the screen displayed can be less clear with burn-in on this cellphone.

How to Fix Screen Burn In

So how do you deal with it? Can it still be repaired? You don't need to worry because FanPedia itself has been using this phone for about 2 years and had experienced burn-in on this screen. Actually, this method is not only for series, but for all types of Xiaomi cellphones that have the same case. Here's How to Prevent and Overcome Burn-In on HP:

Turn on Reading Mode

The first way is to activate the reading mode feature, so where is this feature located? The method is very easy, namely:

  • Scroll down the Status Bar or Notification Bar
  • Then there will be an icon like an eye, then click Reading Mode
  • After activation, usually the screen color will turn yellow, use this feature sufficiently every day. This feature can help reduce burn-in on the screen, after the reading mode feature is active you must take the second step which FanPedia will describe below.

How to Fix Burn In Using Applications

After the first step is done you should fix this problem with a burn-in fix app. Here FanPedia has provided applications that FanPedia usually uses, the following are the applications and steps that must be taken:

  • Open Playstore then look for an application called Screen Color Burn-In or you can directly click here to download
  • After downloading, then open the application
  • Now is the execution stage, please full the screen brightness to 100%
  • Then select the REPAIR MULTICOLOR menu
  • Then a menu will appear to choose how long the screen will be repaired, here FanPedia itself usually takes at least 10 minutes for this repair process. Depending on you want to choose the duration, try not to be under 10 minutes
  • Then click Start or Begin
  • Let HP do the repair by issuing various colors to be tested and repaired.


  • If during the repair process the cellphone screen turns off, please first set your screen sleep time to Never.
  • Do this routine every day for maximum results
  • Activate airplane mode so that no notifications come in during the LCD repair process.

How to Fix Burn In By Changing ROM or Resetting HP

You should also try the option to change the ROM if the two methods above haven't worked, but keep in mind that to do the ROM change process you have to pay attention to the Correct HP Reset steps.

How to Prevent Screen Burn In

  1. Use screen brightness below 50%, only use the screen above it for important purposes or when you are outside
  2. Avoid using the screen when the phone is being charged
  3. Activate reading mode when doing reading activities on the cellphone
  4. Avoid placing the phone in tight positions, for example in narrow trouser pockets.

Indeed, burn-in itself is a problem that can occur on screens that are not only of the Amoled type but IPS can also feel the impact. Therefore, it is routine to take care of your cellphone so that it is durable to use for a very long period of time. This is How to Prevent and Overcome Burn In on HP, hopefully this will be useful for all of us, God willing.

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