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How to Fix Corrupted Files/Data

 How to Repair Corrupt Files on Android is needed when there is damage to corrupted files. Maybe right now you are having a problem why suddenly a file on your cellphone is suddenly damaged or corrupted. The files you get are either from downloads or from sharing files via Bluetooth, share it, copy files from a PC, ENC files, copy files from hard drives, and various other shared media.

Well, usually the damaged file is marked by not being able to open the file, and in some cases the type of file format is not detected. Before proceeding to How to Repair Damaged Files on Android, it would be nice for us to know in advance why these files can be damaged.

Causes of Corrupted Files on Android

Actually there are several reasons and causes for the occurrence of these files can be damaged, including.

1. Corrupted Files

This can happen if we download a file that doesn't finish due to various reasons such as suddenly stopping, network connection is not good, the file you downloaded is already broken. Or if you get the file as a result of a transfer from work, friends, Bluetooth or others, the same thing can happen because of an error during transmission.

2. Contains Viruses or Malware

It is possible that the file that we get contains a virus or malware that can attack the cellphone, so that the file can be damaged or cannot be opened.

3. Not Support

Furthermore, it can also occur because the file type does not support or match your cellphone.

How to Fix Corrupt Files

1. How to Repair Corrupted Files on Android With Additional Applications

If the files you have don't support you, you can use the help of a third application. To be able to do this, we must first look at the types of files that exist. For example, if the type of file you have has the extension .docx, it is a Microsoft Word file. To be able to open it, we need to install an application that opens the file in the Play store, such as the Microsoft Word application, WPS Office and others.

Apart from that, there are usually many types of files that cannot be opened, namely video files, where these files cannot be opened directly. Even though the size and video file have been fully downloaded or successfully transferred to your cellphone. In an example of a case that often occurs is a user downloads a video file in MKV format and when it is finished downloading and wants to open the file, the message cannot be opened appears.

Usually, several types of Android phones do not support this type of video file, of course, to open this type of video file we have to use the help of additional applications that support this type of file. To find an application that can open these types of files, you can download it in the play store with the keyword "MKV Video Player", for FanPedia itself, you usually use the VLC application.

2. Virus Scan

As explained in the point of the causes above, namely due to the presence of a virus or malware in the file. If indeed the file clearly contains a virus, it would be better to delete the file to prevent unwanted things.

3. Request File Reload or Re-Download

It is possible that the files that you get during the process of sending files from other devices are not sent properly, so this can cause damaged files. Or also from the results of downloads from the internet, the downloaded files are not downloaded properly.

If the file is obtained from the internet, do the download process again and make sure the file has been fully downloaded.

  The tips that FanPedia shared above can also be used to fix damaged photos on Android. Hopefully this article on How to Repair Corrupt Files on Android can be helpful and useful for all of the general public.

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